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Memoire is a free CSS Template inspired by Japanese Arts and the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. With two colum and wood texture make this blogger templates very professional and elegant with custom font.

Compatible: iefirefoxchrome
Properties: Blogger Two Column,Brown,CssHeaven,Fixed Width,New Blogger Templates,Premium Blogger,Right Sidebar
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2 Responses to “Memoir”

  1. kholis says:

    Why my static page look different than image preview? Colud you help me solve my problem?

    • Author says:

      Add some description on your blog, on login to blogger >> setting >> add some description about your blog.. or change code :

      Login to blogger >> design >> edit html >> expand widget templates >> ctr-l f >> find code

      #mainnav ul {height:35px; float:right; padding-top:40px; padding-right:40px;}

      you can change padding top..
      Thank’s for using our themes..

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