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Tek Advanced

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Coder / Designer:EZwpthemes
Compatible: iefirefoxchrome
Properties: Adapted From Wordpress,Blogger Three Column,Blue,Elegant,EZwpthemes,Gray,Left And Right,Premium Blogger
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6 Responses to “Tek Advanced”

  1. clakshan says:

    This template have some error,im added it but i cant publish post.displayed error msg & so this cord missing HTML script


    plz check this template & tell me affter..(send email me) Tanx..

    • Author says:

      I’ve tried this templates on my blog and I also do not see any damage on your blog too.. Can you provide link templates that were damaged..

  2. clakshan says:

    i use that template bt i try to published large post they give error msg in this way

    ”Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: META”

    and highlight this html cord

    ” ”

    Plz tell me how it repar………..

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