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Coder / Designer:Noyod
Compatible: iefirefoxchrome
Properties: Ads,All Color,Blogger Three Column,Elegant,Noyod,Orange,Premium Blogger
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3 Responses to “SmartGirl”

  1. Smit says:

    I want to upload this template on my blog but I wanna remove the advertising thing. How do I do that?

    • Author says:

      I not see what error or advertising banner on your site friend, can give me example or picture error after that i will fix it.. that easy for me..

  2. anamika says:

    I too have the same prob as Smit, the template is nice, but that advertise here thing on the side remains in the template, and spoils the entrie look, so I cannot use this template.
    And by advertising thing, Smit meant those grey vertical strips of advertise here that you have on the right hand side!!

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