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Coder / Designer:AnshulDudeja / PaddSolutions
Compatible: iefirefoxchrome
Properties: AnshulDudeja,Blogger Two Column,Elegant,Gray,PaddSolutions,Premium Blogger,White
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3 Responses to “Maamo”

  1. Hélder says:

    Hi, I love this template and I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks.

    But now, out of nowhere, the header has become all orange and all the thumbnails have disapeared and the images behind the menus are gone (check my blog so you’ll know what I’m talking about).

    That happened, I guess, because all the images hosted in have been lost. Do you know what happened or how to get those images so that I can host them somewhere else or something? All that came with the template was the .xml

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    PS – The same has happened with your live demo…

    • Author says:

      sorry I can not help you I do not think that anshuldudeja have removed all the pictures because a lot of people who use the templates and remove link back he was in the footer and make him become disillusioned and do re-hosting the pictures on every blogger templates he made .. so my suggestion is you need to download the version of wordpress and take all the pictures so that you can perform image hosting again :)

      wordpress version >>

      hosting again on blogger :)

  2. Hélder says:

    Hi, regarding this template, do you know how do I put in the home page the number of comments each post has?
    If you go here you’ll see each post title, image and a small text, and I would like also to see the number of comments…
    I appreciate any help you could give me :-)

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