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2 Responses to “Hola”

  1. Hannah says:

    Sorry for not replying sooner. :)
    I’ve been able to work out some of the glitches I don’t like. (For example, I can widen the main wrapper to 505 pixels for a wider main blog column, but then the sidebar cuts off the edges of my widgets and the customize screen is very messed up.) So, I’m just going to toy with it some more, and hopefully work out what I don’t like.

    I DO like this website and find it very helpful. :) I just wish this one template was a little easier to use…:P
    Maybe I’ll be able to use it this summer…

    I’m going to go look around and see if I can find one I like for spring 2010 :)

    • Author says:

      I’ve made some changes in these templates as the sidebar, comments, and the addition of some code in order to have a better view when adding a widget. please see LIVE DEMO and if Hannah really liked these templates then I will give this templates to your. and for your questions :

      1. I can do it but do not support image size for that
      2. I can make changes to the size of the image through photoshop and reset everything but it takes a long time for me

      thank you for your comment Hannah, I am very glad you likes this templates and you may always download the templates here because I’m doing a huge change in my site and was bought a few plugins for live demo and a small change to the design of this site with several features which allows visitors and wish you always come to find a theme for your blog here.

      soory my english language not good me use translate :)

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